About Safe 2 Drive Driving School

Safe 2 Drive Driving School is a modern forward thinking Driving School located in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. We offer a diverse group of Instructors, with a long history of teaching both safe street driving and advanced driving skills. Our capability goes far beyond the usual Driving School, that just teaching teenagers to drive.

Safe 2 Drive Driving School offers a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of several types of drivers. Find out what Parents and Students have to say about Safe 2 Drive Driving School here.

We provide free pick-up at home or school for Behind-the-Wheel training, with lessons available weekdays, evenings or weekends. All of our training vehicles are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors and are safety-inspected. Every driving lesson is a PRIVATE lesson, with just one student in the car, so the full one hour of attention is devoted to developing skills for that driver only.

Professional Speaking

Safe 2 Drive Driving School offers experienced speakers as seminar guests for PTA meetings, companies, corporations, service clubs and other organizations that desire a professional discussion about driving and safety. This service is available at no charge and may include discussion, video and written materials. Available topics include: Teen driving safety; parent responsibilities and how to teach their children to drive; emergency car control and defensive driving; the latest driving laws; dealing with a traffic stop and law enforcement; Do’s and Don’ts at an accident scene, and other subjects as desired by the organization. For further information regarding any of these Programs, please contact us on (08) 60022753