Driving Lessons

When it comes to choosing driving schools Perth, there are many things to take into consideration. For driving lessons in Perth, the sheer number of schools can make choosing one particularly confusing and it can be tempting to go with the first one you see, especially when you are desperate to get behind the wheel, so…

Here’s our handy hints to help you get on the road to success quickly and safely:

First you want to choose a school which can provide you with individually tailored and customised automatic car driving lessons in Perth. The car should be well looked after and serviced, have dual pedals and comfortable to drive in. All our cars are roadworthy, safe and modern. They are clean inside and out, have power steering and air conditioning as standard and are very well looked after so you feel happy and eager to take it for a drive.

Experience Instructor

Make sure your driving instructor is experienced at dealing with all sorts of drivers be that experienced drivers who want to transfer over their international license to anxious, nervous or even scared first-timers who have never sat in the drivers seat of a car before. All our driving instructors have over 30 years experience. Each and every one prides themselves on their outstanding levels of customer support. Our drivers are calm, patient, skilled and personable. We know it can be daunting and we also don’t want to patronise so our drivers will put you at ease and help you feel confident and competent.

You want an knowledgeable instructor who has many years of teaching and test knowledge and knows their road rules inside out. They should be able to answer questions from the West Australian Department of Transport driving assessments and pass on that knowledge and offer advice to you to help you become a responsible driver. We aim to help you pass your driving test first time. With so many rules you need to know, we have a way of ensuring you receive the all the know-how without feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with information.

Flexible Schedule

The driving school needs to be flexible. Your life is busy with school, work or family commitments. There will be days and times which just won’t work for you and if your driving school cannot fit into your schedule then the length of time it will take to get to your driving test will take a lot longer.

And finally, when it comes to selecting driving lessons Perth, you want a school that has a solid reputation and hundreds of happy customers.

Our team of certified driving instructors are available for all areas of Perth. Qualified and insured, our driving instructors are on hand to offer advice and go through the entire process from lesson one to the actual test. We also offer FREE 30 minute driving assessment with no obligation.