Why do I need to take driving lessons at a driving school?
We can help to polish and refine, giving you insight  from our valuable experience.

How long will it take for me to learn to drive?
This depends on your needs.

Why do I need professional instructor?
You need professional instructor because we are constantly teaching and training, as well as updating, giving you the full benefits of our knowledge.

Where will the lessons be held?
The lessons will be held in the Perth Metro Area. 

How many driving lessons do I need to take?
It depends on your progress…

When and why do I need a learner dual control car?
Dual control cars allows us to intercept and correct difficult situations.

How soon or when can I take my driving test?
We pre book our driving tests and will let you now when you are ready.

How long before I can have my full driving licence?
It will depend on the type of licence or permit you already hold 

Am I covered by insurance when I’m taking my driving lessons?